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Conventional General
Pest Management

This program will provide you coverage for up to (38) different species!  To include: Wasps, Mice, Household Ants, Asian Beetles, Cockroaches and More!  If you need more frequent service and reliability of coverage, this is for you!  We do practice strict Integrated Pest Management to protect you and the environment!  We have plenty of options for you: One-Time, Quarterly, Seasonal and Year-Round!  No Long-Term Contracts and a Satisfaction Guarantee!  Most plans also include de-webbing reachable from the ground, if needed!

High-quality photo of a plant branch on
Pest Management

If you're looking for strictly green and environmentally friendly products, we have you covered.  We operate this program strictly with green products and like always, strict Integrated Pest Management techniques.  It's operated the same as our conventional program, just different products and equipment used!  Like all of our plans, we have No Long-Term Contracts and a Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Mosquito Management

Are you looking to rid your outdoor spaces of mosquitoes?  We've got you covered.  We offer a number of friendly options!  We can customize our service for your event, schedule or other needs.  We treat small properties, all the way to large acreage.  We have conventional methods, as well as environmentally friendly products too!

Spider Management

Have a never-ending problem with Spiders in and on your home or business, we have the plan!  Spider control should be done on a regular basis to ensure the best protection and coverage.  We will de-web your home on these visits if it is needed too!

Mouse and Rodent Management

Are you having a problem with rodents in and around your structure(s)?  We not only can help you eliminate this problem, but we can provide you with a solution.  Most rodent problems are two-fold; One, you likely have had areas where they've accessed your structure, or they've created their own.  Either way, the solution is to fix these areas and not necessarily only bait and trap your way out of this problem.  These furry creatures can carry diseases and is a common allergen in humans, let alone fire hazards and electrical problems.

Pest Exclusion and Structure Sealing

Coupled with our Rodent Elimination service, we HIGHLY recommend a longer-term solution.  This solution will require our staff to seal and properly eliminate areas of entry to the home.  Did you know mice can fit through holes the size of a dime? And a rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter!  Finding these areas of entry takes not only experience with pest management, but also construction techniques alike- We've got you covered for both!  Our sister company can help solve this problem effectively and eliminate recurring visits!

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a requirement for most Daycares, K-12 Schools, Universities and Colleges alike.  This specialized program will require certain documentation, techniques, application times and much more.  If you or your organization is looking for Integrated Pest Management or IPM, we can help!  We've handled a large array of accounts big and small and are ready to help with yours!

Flea Management

If you've ever had to manage a flea problem, you know it's no fun!  We offer a variety of options that we think will help you solve your issue with fleas.  A great deal of products that you buy at the store-they usually do not "cut it" and you will have spent unneeded money.  Save your money and call us! 

Stinging Insect 


If you have hornets, yellowjackets or some other form of wasp, we have you covered.  While some stinging insects are good, even though they get a bad rap, we do understand that these can be life ending moments for people with allergies or even extreme mental fatigue due to the danger.  We're here to help!  We've handled hundreds of stinging insect calls and we will not only eliminate the problem, but we guarantee that the problem will be covered for up to December 31st of that year!  We want you to feel safe and protected, especially if they pose a health risk.   Note- We do NOT kill honeybee hives, we will try and save the hive if possible. 

Termite Management

Termites cost Americans BILLIONS of dollars in damage every year.  In Michigan, we contend with the Eastern Subterranean Termite mainly and it does a great job at eating wood!  We can help you stop that and protect your investment from termites.  We offer termite baiting and monitoring programs that affordable and non-invasive to your property and the environment.  

Ant Management

This pest is one of the more common we all experience from time to time.  Understanding how and why ants behave the way they do is very important to the solution.  With our experience, we can help solve your ant problems with a number of techniques and treatment options available.  When it comes to Carpenter Ants, you may also need repair work done, we can help with this too!

Bed Bug Management

Bed bugs can cause significant havoc on life.  They're extremely challenging to eradicate and have been around for thousands of years for this reason.  At this time, we only provide inspections and treatments for existing customers only.  

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

Are you in need of an inspection for wood destroying organisms such as termites, carpenter ants or powder post beetles?  We have the experience and licensing to help!  If you're a realtor or a homeowner that needs an inspection for a mortgage, give us a call.  If you need one because you think you've found an infestation- We can not only help but will work the inspection fee into treatment options to provide you the most cost-effective outcome!  Today, most VA, FHA and RD Loans require such an inspection.

Light Remodeling and Handyman Work

In need of repairs?  Need to have rodent damage or wood damage repaired?  Or just thinking of changing something in your home?  We can help with this!  We have a licensed builder on staff to help remediate these problems with quality.  Need any other "odds and ends" done, let us know, we may be able to help with this too!

Bulk Community Service

Are you in a subdivision, lake community, condo or other association?  If so, we offer bulk discounts with (10) or more properties or homes.  Depending on the service that is being requested, we can save your community money and provide a service we know you'll be happy with.  Have your community leader or property manager call us today!

Gutter Cleaning

Need your gutters cleaned but don't want to risk using a ladder or being in dangerous positions?  We can add this service to your current service with us, or we can do it as a standalone service!  

TV and Picture
Mounting Service


Worried about mounting a new television or do you want pictures hung in a certain way that need anchors installed?  We have experienced staff that can help complete these projects for you!  Save your worry and let us handle it.

Custom Bat and Bird House Service

Looking for a good way to help the environment, protect your property from mosquitoes and other annoying insects?  Let us build you a custom bat house or bird house.  If you have an idea, picture or something specific, we will help to come up with a solution.  Having bats and certain birds in your immediate area can help reduce populations and increase your bug free property. 



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