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My Commitment!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Over two years ago, I went my separate ways from my former company, SureShot Pest Control, LLC. While it seems like yesterday, it was two years ago and hard to believe-time sure flies. Many of you may remember me, and for those that don't know me...I sure do look forward to meeting you. :)

Pest Professor, LLC is here to be different, and I don't say that lightly. You see, the difference I want to make has a couple of components. Two of the biggest components are the health of people and the health of Earth. When I was forming this company, I was really hesitant to start it for the reasons above, and through many hours of prayer and critical thinking, I found new ground to stand on.

You see, I, like many of you struggle with the thought of how climate change is impacting our society- in turn, effecting human-beings. I am sure many of you know that pollinators, such as bees and butterflies are being gravely affected by climate change, and while there is great debate on how much pesticides effect these species, just turn on YouTube or Netflix-You will find a documentary; Or read published scientific journals- You will find supportive evidence how human beings are destroying the Earth through irresponsible pesticide and fertilizer applications, amongst many other factors in farming and elsewhere. I point out those previous two, because its relevant to my industry and my conscience.

The other factor is human health. Like others you may know, I was recently diagnosed with a very severe case of Celiac Disease and there are about 3.2 million other Americans living with the same condition according to the NIH. You have to wonder, why? While I am not here to give you a speech on my theories, it's known that one of the theories is due to the fertilizers and pesticides used to treat our food being grown on mass scale production, so I have great stake in the choices I make going forward.

Now, my commitment- There is a fine line many pest management companies don't like to talk about or admit, in my opinion. That is this-While there may be a great deal of "green options" to treat insects, spiders, mice and more...They don't always work the best (per typical customer expectations and thresholds), but are they supposed to work "the best" or "kill everything"? My theory is no- that's the whole point. They're made typically of organic materials, flowers, garlic, etc. They break down quickly and the efficacy and mode of systemic transfer can be different, the repellency can be different, etc. Are you ready for this? THAT'S GOOD!

You see, it's my opinion that we're at a crux on developing new technologies and materials that are scientifically designed to work well and not affect the Earth (As much? DDT wasn't thought to effect humans or the Earth...Fast forward 50 years.) as much as restricted use pesticides and even non-restricted-use conventional pesticides. So, while we wait for chemical companies to produce the next generation of pesticides and fertilizers that may truly work better and be better for everything and everyone, we stand here.

So what? Well, it's my opinion that a lot of companies work on providing you the service you expect without the education you need. You see, not all pests are bad, some are actually life sustaining for human beings and other species that depend on them for food (think food chain) or some form of symbiotic relationship, you could get very deep on this subject. The main point that I am trying drive home is that we need to increase our understanding of WHY pests behave the way they do, I mean, they're just being bugs, animals, etc. They don't have the capacity to view our life as we do-they view a food source differently, a harborage differently, clutter differently, landscaping differently- You see where I am going here? True Integrated Pest Management and being sustainable is learning to live with what is truly going to affect you as a human, whether it be mentally or physically. The bug is just doing what a bug does, it's purely primal and instinctive-its survival.

Ultimately, I am not here to tell you that everything we do is bad, because it's not and it IS necessary. If you've ever brought home cockroaches from a bag of groceries, or had your child bring home bed bugs from school, you know exactly what I mean. Or better yet, if you are allergic to wasps'...or termites are destroying your home (shelter; key component to human survival). These are moments of great despair and need, because they can affect your mental and physical health. And my next sentence may lose me money and customers, but if you see 5...10...20 sugar ants, is it worth it? Thats for you to decide, but my hope and prayer is that you choose to use green solutions and help contribute to brighter future for us all and if you don't, that's still okay, but you'll have to deal with my spiel ;)

So, while I will be offering treatments using conventional pesticides and green pesticides, it is my goal and my commitment to educate my customers on these great debates, increase your threshold of pests, increase your understanding of nature's processes and when its necessary- I will apply pesticides, set traps and behave as though it's my own home and my own family lives there. I will only apply what's necessary, I will only apply where it's necessary and I will encourage and educate everyone I can on using better practices to treat your pest problems when they arise. Moreover, the job will be completed to your satisfaction and the problem will get resolved, but it will be done thoughtfully and responsibly. I will also continually try new forms of technology, green insecticides and anything that will continue to be healthier for the next generation.

Another commitment I am making is how I behave as a business or company, i.e., what we support and who we support. Going forward, our company will be planning its own bee management and apiary-saving honeybees when they would ultimately be destroyed, as well as forming our own farm that will not only raise honeybees, but hopefully provide another educational platform for my customers and my community alike (and honey...). We have a lot more to share and I hope you support our company and everything that we have to offer. Because ultimately, my commitment to you...It's to be honest, integrity driven and leave an Earth better for humanity and all living things on it. Please consider following and liking our company on social media-@pestprofessor or follow our blog on our website:

Alec Dakin
Owner and Founder- Alec Dakin

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