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Native Pollinator Gardens

What is a Michigan Native Pollinator Garden? It’s buzzing place, full of pollinators- ranging from honeybees, butterflies, and other insects! Pollinator gardens are a great way to give these ever so important pollinators a place to collect pollen that is necessary to the production of food-for them and us! Let’s go back to grade school and remember how it works. Pollinators such as honeybees (which are one of the most prolific pollinators) are key in the production of our food. They go from plant to plant;’ flower to flower and create a path of cross pollination or insemination of other flowering plants, eventually allowing it to grow into a fruit or vegetable.

Why are pollinators important? They connect our food web! They are a building block in the creation of certain fruits and vegetables- without them, we’re in big trouble. Years of misusing synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and poor tilling practices are really starting to catch up to the agricultural production paradigm- and not in a good way. So- when we formed this company our aim was to be different and be the most sustainable company (and home) possible and you will read below how we’re doing so.

We were recently featured on Channel 13 WZZM in Grand Rapids about our community project we set our sights on. Kasey and I had this idea when we opened this business to live out our values through community relationships, education and being a sustainable household and company. We are offering a FREE pollinator garden to a local school district. It is our goal that we can inspire young people to take action in their communities but more importantly- OUR environment.

We plan to donate all the materials, build the garden ourselves and donate the plants necessary to start it. This project will be eligible for a class of up to 25 students and ranging from 7-12th grades. The school must be located in: Montcalm, Newaygo, Kent or Mecosta County. We’re accepting nominations through March 31st, 2022. At this time, the community can start voting from April 1st-April 30th and we will announce the winner on the 30th of April. We hope to complete the project in May or June and will be providing pizza to the class during the planting and education session.

So what can you do to help pollinators? You too could plant a pollinator garden in your own backyard, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services have an article on how to do so! Another great way to help pollinators is to use less fertilizers and pesticides, but if it is necessary…please follow the label, it will outline how to responsibly apply if need be. I would also highly recommend avoiding ALL flowering plants-its food for pollinators and you’re going to kill them if you treat the flower. If you like food like we do, plant a garden or buy local foods from your farmers market, these are great ways to help pollinators and keep our food chain close!

If you’re interested in nominating a local school, you can do so by going to our website. As always, thank you for reading and we look forward to the beginning of a new season.

Thanks for reading!

Alec & Kasey



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